Double Doodle Symbolism and Meaning

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The double doodle is a type of abstract art that involves using both hands to simultaneously create mirror images on paper. This unique art form holds interesting symbolic meaning and has become increasingly popular over recent years.

History of Double Doodles

The exact origins of double doodle art are unclear, but it seems to have emerged as an artistic practice for children. Art teachers have used it as an activity to engage students in creative expression and activate both sides of the brain.

The concept was popularized in part by artist and author Jean Van’t Hul, who published instructions on double doodle art in some of her books for parents and teachers. She touted it as a relaxing, meditative activity that enhances creativity.

Since then, double doodling has taken off as an artistic pursuit for both children and adults. It is now shared widely on sites like Pinterest and Instagram under the hashtags #doubledoodleart and #doubledoodle.

The Process of Creating Double Doodles

To create a double doodle, you need two markers or pens and a sheet of paper. The basic steps are:

  1. Hold one pen in each hand.
  2. With both hands, start making mirror images simultaneously on the paper. For example, if you draw a circle with one hand, draw a matching circle with the other.
  3. Let your hands move in a synchronized, symmetrical way across the page.
  4. As you add more elements, maintain the mirrored images on each side.
  5. Color, shade, and embellish using both hands.

It’s important not to think too hard and allow your hands to move in an unplanned, spontaneous way. This allows more abstract, creative forms to emerge.

Symbolism and Meaning

Beyond the artistic process itself, many find symbolic meaning in the practice of double doodling. Here are some of the key interpretations:

Symmetry and Harmony

The mirrored quality represents symmetry, harmony, and a unified balance between opposite sides. This can symbolize inner balance, a harmony between different aspects of life or parts of one’s personality.

Simultaneous Creativity

Using both hands taps into both sides of the brain simultaneously. This represents the creative potential within us all. The spontaneous designs show that anyone can access their innate creativity.


The two sides begin separately but end up forming an interconnected whole. This can represent the interconnectedness of life, people, and creative expression.

Flow State

The process induces an almost trance-like state from allowing both hands to move freely. This represents the creative flow state, where inspiration flows freely without inner criticism or control.

Benefits of Double Doodling

Beyond the symbolic meaning, many functional benefits are associated with double doodling as an activity:

  • Enhances creativity and artistic expression
  • Helps induce a meditative state and flow experience
  • Trains ambidexterity and using both brain hemispheres
  • Fun, engaging activity for artists of all ages
  • Relaxing and stress relieving

So whether you’re looking for artistic enjoyment, creative inspiration or centering activity, double doodles have a lot to offer.

Interpreting Double Doodles

Some believe double doodles can be interpreted similarly to dream symbolism or traditional doodling. However, there is no definitive guide on analyzing them.

Here are some potential ways to find meaning in your double doodles:

Shapes – Circles may symbolize unity, interconnectedness. Squares could represent stability. Triangles can signify action or tension.

Images – Certain images like hearts, stars or flowers tend to show up frequently in doodles. Notice if any patterns emerge in your drawings.

Emotions – The shapes and flow of the drawings may represent emotions experienced at the time. For example, jagged scribbles could suggest frustration.

Life Themes – Some shapes may relate to relationships, career or family. For example, interconnected shapes could represent bonds with others.

Keep in mind that everyone will interpret their doodles differently based on their own experiences and perspective. There are no right or wrong meanings.

Double doodles have popped up in various corners of culture, showing their growing popularity:

  • Celebrity singers like Harry Styles have shared their double doodle art on social media
  • Companies like Sharpie have posted double doodle tutorials to promote creativity
  • Psychologists have used double doodling as a stress-relief activity
  • Teachers use it as an educational tactic to activate both hemispheres of students’ brains
  • It’s become a popular craft activity for adults featured on DIY blogs and Pinterest

As double doodles gain more cultural traction, we’re likely to keep seeing them appear as a representation of creativity, artistic enjoyment and the power of symmetrical art.


In the short time since double doodles have come onto the art scene, they have amassed great appeal for their meditative creation process and layered symbolic meaning. The practice taps into creativity, harmony and interconnectedness through a simple form of abstract art.

More than just a passing craft fad, double doodle art seems poised to persist as a compelling way to artistically represent the human experience using both hands and hemispheres simultaneously. Whether doodled spontaneously or interpreted closely, double doodles continue to fascinate as new emblems of unity and flow in the artistic realm.

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