Six Eyed Sand Spiders Symbolism and Meaning

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Six-eyed sand spiders are fascinating creatures that have captured the attention of many people due to their unique appearance and mysterious nature. These arachnids are not only known for their six eyes but also for the symbolic meanings they hold in various cultures and beliefs. In this article, we will explore the symbolism and meaning behind these intriguing creatures.


Six-eyed sand spiders, also known as six-eyed sand crickets or six-legged sand spiders, are small insects found primarily in Australia and New Zealand. They belong to the family Solpugidae and are often mistaken for spiders due to their resemblance to them. Despite their name, they are not actual spiders but rather a type of camel cricket. These creatures have been a subject of fascination for many people because of their unique appearance and behavior. In this article, we will delve into the symbolism and meaning behind these fascinating creatures and how they are perceived in different cultures and beliefs.

Symbolism in Different Cultures

Native American Culture

In Native American culture, six-eyed sand spiders represent adaptability and resilience. They symbolize the ability to survive harsh conditions and thrive in challenging environments. The spider’s ability to burrow into the ground during extreme weather conditions is seen as a sign of strength and endurance. It teaches us that even when faced with adversity, we can overcome obstacles if we adapt and find ways to survive.

Chinese Culture

In Chinese culture, these insects symbolize good luck and fortune. They are believed to bring prosperity and abundance when seen in one’s home or workplace. In Feng Shui, they represent the element of earth and are associated with wealth and success. Placing a six-eyed sand spider figurine in your office or home can attract positive energy and financial growth.

African Culture

In some African tribes, these insects symbolize protection against evil spirits. They believe that having a six-eyed sand spider nearby brings good fortune and ward off negative energies.

Spiritual Meaning

Spiritually, the six-eyed sand spider represents transformation and change. It encourages us to embrace change and adapt to new situations, just like how these insects can survive in different environments. They remind us that life is full of changes, and we must be flexible enough to face them head-on.

Biblical Meaning

In the Bible, six-eyed sand spiders are mentioned as one of the creatures God created on the fifth day of creation. This signifies their importance in nature and the balance of life. They represent God’s power over all living things.

Psychological Interpretation

Psychologically, they symbolize resilience and adaptability. If you encounter a six-eyed sand spider, it could be a reminder to face challenges with courage and strength. It encourages us to embrace change and not fear the unknown.

Six Eyed Sand Spiders in Dreams

Dreaming about six-eyed sand spiders can have various interpretations:

  • If you see them running away, it could mean avoiding confrontation or facing fears.
  • If they’re crawling on your body, it may indicate feeling vulnerable or exposed.
  • If you kill one, it might signify overcoming obstacles in waking life.
  • Seeing many of them could represent a need for change or transformation.

Symbolism in Literature and Art

Six-eyed sand spiders have appeared in literature and art throughout history. In Charles Darwin’s “The Voyage of the Beagle,” he describes their unique appearance and behavior, highlighting their resilience. They also appear in mythology as symbols of adaptability and survival.


Six-eyed sand spiders hold significant symbolism across different cultures and beliefs. They remind us to be adaptable, face challenges with courage, and embrace change. Their presence can bring good fortune and prosperity. These insects teach us valuable life lessons about resilience and overcoming adversity. So next time you see one, remember their powerful meaning beyond their physical appearance.

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